Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Mountain

MountainThat's me at the top of this mountain in the Badlands when I visited there nine years ago. Yep, I climbed up there all by myself and then I struck a celebratory "woohooo!" pose while my friend T took the picture.

The thing about being on top of the mountain is that I worked really hard to get there. I was "woohoooing", but only after huffing and puffing for a few minutes after reaching the summit. It was no Mt. Everest, but as you can see, it was a ways up there and was a physically exhausting endeavor.

While on top of the mountain, I could look out and see for miles and miles. I could see all around me and I felt invincible! With the wind blowing up there, it felt as though I was soaring, as free as an eagle!

I've been on a spiritual mountain too. It felt great to be there. Just like a mountain on earth, I was raised above the valley below and could only look down, leaving troubles behind. I felt invincible! Being on a spiritual mountain is a great high...a spiritual high, and it is there I felt closest to God.

But, I could not have made it to either summit, spiritual or earthly, without trekking through the valleys. There is no way to make it to the peak without walking through the valley. It is the valley that allows us to experience the mountain, and appreciate it.

You know, the deeper the valley, the higher the mountain.

I'm longing to visit that mountaintop again. To enjoy the view, the "invincibility", the freedom. I must begin my climb again...with my mind's eye focused straight ahead, and my gear: Bible, prayer and worship. God has been carrying me through the valley, and He will raise me up again! Please, Lord, hear my prayer!
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