Monday, September 25, 2006

Curse God and Die!

I can't even turn the television on for five minutes before some type of sexual content is in my face. I have one channel...ONE...and from what I see there, there is no way I will ever pay for this garbage to be pumped into the veins of my home straight to the hearts of my family. I had hope last night when I turned the television on, excited about the new show, "Brothers and Sisters". It seemed like something that my family might be able to watch...a story about family. Of course I was skeptical and decided to watch it at least once before making it a family event. It took all of five minutes to decide to turn it off. Almost instantly in the first scene an unmarried couple began to move towards having sex. When will people get enough? It's disgusting and I'm sick of it. I don't want to watch married couples engaged in God blessed union in the bedroom. So, why would I want to watch sinful intimacy promoted? Sex used to be something beautiful and intimate. It was done in private, in the room of married couples as it should be. Now, it's nothing more than humans behaving like animals for any man, woman, boy, or girl at any time of day to view on public television. Disgusting is not even a sufficient word to describe it. The human race is becoming more and more animal like as time goes on. I don't believe that we have evolved from animals but it sure does seem like we are beginning to behave like them more and more as time goes on.
Sex on TV

On another note, NBC is causing problems for the writers of Veggie Tales. They say that "God loves you very much" is offensive and cannot be said on the show! Moreover, they don't want any Biblical teachings being spoken of. Hello? Didn't they know what the Veggies were all about before they signed them into contract? Yet it's okay to listen to people exclaim "Oh my God, For Christ's sake, and Jesus Christ" at every possible moment that has nothing to do with Him! That doesn't seem to offend people as much.

Is anybody getting the message here? Wake up society! There is an enemy at large that makes Bin Laden look like a saint! In fact, he is the one who Bin Laden gets his training from. He wants every child of God to curse God and die. Curse Words

Think about it....

Does anybody use the name Mohammed, Ghandi, or Oprah prior to the word damned? Does anybody say "for Budda's sake" when they try to make a point? Do they yell, "John Smith" when they smash their thumb with a hammer? You think that somebody would be offended to have their name used in such a way? Do you think somebody who loved them would be offended? But, even Christians on a regular basis use the expression, "Oh my God" just to express surprise.

Is satan having his way or what?

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